Back Office + QuickBooks®

Emphasys Back Office fills the gaps and handles everything that QuickBooks doesn't.
  • Commission Management
  • Trust Accounting
  • Agent Payments
  • Reporting

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Business Intelligence at your Fingertips

What Can Emphasys Do For You?

You want a back office management system that makes it easy to track transactions and automate commission calculations. Emphasys Back Office gives you more control over the entire closing process, record and disburse deposits, issue payments to agents, and gain greater visibility with production reports. All this plus direct integration with your trusted QuickBooks accounting system.

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Automated Commission Plans

With automated calculations, even the most complex commission plans are managed with ease. And with support for customizable transaction fees, witholdings, team plans and more, you can trust knowing your agents will be paid correctly the first time around. It’s a system designed for the way you do business and not the other way around.

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Keep Agents Informed

Detailed agent statements breakdown commissions paid with up-to-date earnings. And integration with Emphasys Front Office gives agents access to production reports, commission statements, and 1099/T4A reports online, reducing the volume of calls to your offices and unnecessary delays. No more guesswork, just real time data.

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